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Hi there, this is a complete guide on Belkin extender setup, reset, and configuration. learn to use https://belkin.range to access the Belkin extender console and manage extender settings and features. just like re.rockspace.local can be used for rockspace extenders

Belkin extender is Among the Best Range extenders Available in the Market. Installing Belkin range Extender is a Peace of cake only if you know the correct steps & Perform them right.

If You are Looking to extend the network strength of your Extender Or if you have a Place in your Home Where Signal Quality is Poor then the Belkin extender will help you boost the Signal Strength & Range of your Existing network. if you have already tried installation & failed.


Let’s start with the Basic information that we have gathered For You to Have an Idea About installation-

Note – Belkin range extender is compatible with any wireless router & Modem But Just to make sure Please Update the Firmware of your Base Wireless Router.

The given steps will apply to Almost Every Model of Belkin extenders. Be Gentle & Careful While Installation.

Note: All of these Steps apply to Belkin N300, N600, and AC Range Extender Model Number. Use the same steps to set up all Series & Models Of Belkin Extenders.

if you have an older extender that is not working try steps to fix Belkin extender not working properly

Prepare for Belkin Range Extender Setup

  • Un-box Your Belkin range extender if you have just purchased the Product.
  • in case if you have an Older Belkin extender then we recommend Doing a reset of your Old Belkin extender.
  • Keep a Device Ready With Wireless Capability For Installation Such as Laptop Or Tablet.
  • make sure you have a Full Browser on the Device For example – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.
  • A router with SSID and wireless security password. If you have a dual-band router, make sure you have each SSID’s name and password.
  • Make Sure your existing Wireless router Or Modem is Working & you have an Active Internet Connection.
    Keep an Ethernet Cable (Optional)

Belkin Wifi Extender Setup

Range extenders Are plug & Play devices. Once you have everything you need for Belkin setup Please Follow these steps–

Tip– Setup the extender near your router for installation practices & after that you can place it anywhere In your Router Range at Your Convenient.

  • Plug the Belkin extender into the Power outlet Near Your Router & Power it On
belkin range extender
  • Refresh Your Computer Or Phone Wifi Network List & You may See the New Belkin Extender Network By the name of Belkin.setup Ready to Be configured.
  • Please Connect With Unsecured Belkin.setup (In Case if Belkin.setup is Not there Look at the Configuration card Given by Belkin In the Box that came With Extender )

What is Belkin.Setup

belkin.setup should be the network name of your Belkin extender after reset or when you are trying to access the Belkin extender using the wireless method. https://belkin.range which is a local web address would only work when you are connected with the Belkin extender using belkin.setup or any other network name(SSID) that your extender might have.

  • Once Connected it Should take You Automatically To Belkin range Setup However if it does not redirect you there Please Open your Browser and Type http://belkin.range in the address bar of your browser
http //belkin.range
  • Once Logged inside of Belkin extender Setup page Your Extender Will Automatically Guide you For Installation, there You Can customize the Settings Such as Extender Network Name(SSID) & Password, Frequency (2.5Ghz Or 5.0 GHz), On the Next Step You Will be Able to See a Network List Containing
  • Select The Name Of Your existing wireless Network & Connect With it. Use the password that you use to Connect With the main Router.
  • Once Connected please Review the Information & make changes to your Network name & Password as You See fit.

save all settings and restart the Wireless Extender. This Should Get the Work Done & Get your extender functioning according to Your Needs.

Extender Installation Tips

  • Please Place your extender anywhere in House anywhere But Keep in mind that it Should not be Away More than 40 feet from your Main Router.
belkin extender setup
Home network
  • in case it Seems Like Not Working Please Reset the Belkin range extender & Try performing the setup Again
  • There is However one more Way you Can setup a Belkin extender Only if you have a WPS Enabled Router  Or Wireless Modem.
  • to have the successful installation of any wireless extender keep in mind that you must know the main router details such as network name & password for wifi.
  • in case you have a Belkin router (Not Extender) Then please Login to the Belkin router using to know the console details.

Note – Use this Method Only if you have a WPS Key On The main Wireless Router Or Modem you may have. The Next Steps are Easy but they are a bit tricky as well

How to Setup Belkin Extender With WPS Key

there are Two Ways one can Setup Belkin Extender Using WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). Let’s See What are & How one Will be Able to Use Them-  for the Push Method find the WPS button on the router 

Note- We Recommend Changing the Security Mode of Your Main Wireless Router to WPA/WPA2 Before Going for Installation. Setup a WPS Pin Or Write Down the default Pin of Your Existing Wireless Router. Enable the WPS In Main Wireless Router However, in Most Routers it’s enabled By default.

WPS PIN Method

  • Make Sure the Main Router is Powered On & Connected to the Internet.
  • Just Open Your Web Browser & Type http://Belkin.range at the address bar & press Enter.
  • Login to Your Belkin extender & Go Under Extended Network Settings & Hit On WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
belkin extender wps setup
WPS pin method
  • On Next Step Just Type Your Pin Into the Given Box & Click On Enroll
  • In the Next 2 Minutes, this Should Connect Your Belkin Extender With Main Wireless Router

if you don’t know the router password please login to your router dashboard and from there you can find out the router password.

WPS PBC Method

It’s Called WPS PBC (Puss Botton Configuration) For a Reason. You Need to have WPS Key On Both Devices to Push and Enable the WPS Setup. Some Wireless Router Don’t have a Physical Key Or Some have It Under the Setup Console But if you have a WPS On Wireless Router then this Setup is just for You-

Tip – Keep the Extender Near to Your Router While Doing it.

  • Power On Belkin Extender & Press the WPS Key Based On Belkin extender & Hold it for 3-5 Seconds for it to Initiate the WPS Setup. You will See WPS Light Flashing on Your Extender
belkin wps key
WPS key on the extender
  • Now Go to Your Main Wireless Router & Press the WPS Key On it With In 2 Minutes
  • Router & Extender Will Exchange Security Authentication & Your Extender Should be Connected to your Main Wireless Router.

fantastic & Congrats Your Extender is Configured & Fully Ready to Be Used. we Hope Both of these Steps Will help Help Setup Belkin extender With Any Wireless Router.

there is one more way For Belkin extender Setup but before you jump to that let us Educate you on How to Reset the Belkin extender to default settings so you can start fresh.

Reset Belkin Extender

It’s Amazingly Easy to Restore the Belkin extender to its Default factory settings. Please Follow the Given steps –

  • Plug the Belkin wireless extender into the Power source.
  • Find a Tiny Screwdriver or paper clip & look at the bottom of the Belkin extender for a reset hole(Key)
reset belkin extender
Reset Belkin extender
  • Press it carefully & hold it gently for 8-10 seconds till you see all lights flashing then let the Reset key go & wait for 30 seconds.
  • Reboot the extender using the power outlet
  • Now setup Belkin extender again by Giving instructions above & Below However you Like. Find More ways to Reset the Belkin extender If one of the Methods Doesn’t work for you.
  • clearly, we have Given similar methods to reset or setup Belkin n600 range extender to Get you an Exact idea of how similar steps are used to setup all kinds of Belkin extenders.

Belkin Range Extender Setup with Ethernet Cable

  1. Connect your Belkin range extender to your computer using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Plug the extender into the wall electrical outlet using the power chord that came with your extender.
  3. Go ahead and disable the Wi-Fi connection on your computer. For that, you need to click on the network icon at the bottom right corner and click on the disable Wi-Fi tab.
  4. Now, open one of your favorite computer web browsers and access the web-based setup page of your extender.
  5. Visit the URL http://belkin.range and click on the get started option that appears on your browser window.
  6. Now, follow the onscreen instructions and click on the Wi-Fi network name of your router.
  7. Once, you see your network, highlight it by clicking on it and clicking “next”.
  8. A window will pop up that says “A password is required to join this network”.
  9. Enter the wireless network password of your router and click “next”.
  10. A page will show up to confirm the new network name and password that you will be using for your extended network.
  11. Make sure that the new network name should not be the same as your other router’s network name to avoid network conflicts

if you see your Installation failed after all these steps Or an Orange light Blinking with No internet connection perhaps its Time for Us to Troubleshoot it Please Read More on – How to Fix orange light Problem in Belkin Range Extender

Contact us if you need any other Help setting up Belkin extender with any other device such as Printer, Xbox, Roku, etc. We Promise to Get back to you with a Customize Solution Based on Your Need.

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