Parental control is the special feature offered by almost all the routers to control and monitor the web surfing activities of children. This feature is also used in business networks to limit and restrict web browsing of their devices in the network.

Users can set up parental control features on their routers. All the Belkin routers come with a built-in parental control feature. By using this feature, users can limit, restrict, monitor, and control the web access of connected devices.

In this article, the user can get detailed instructions on how to set up parental control on the Belkin router. These steps can be different based on the user’s Belkin router model. For Belkin.Range there are Same steps as the Routers

Parental control on Belkin router

  • Users should check the device network connection before setting up parental control on the Belkin router.
  • Users can connect the router and the computer system with the wireless network or the Ethernet cable (preferably Ethernet cable).
  • Launch the web browser from the computer system.
parental control belkin
  • Type your router’s IP address in the URL bar and hit the enter button.
  • Users can enter the default IP address Belkin router which is
  • If the default IP address does not work then the user can get their router IP address by following the given steps from the computer system.
  • Press Windows key+ S from the keyboard.
  • Type cmd in the search window and press enter.
  • It will open the command prompt window on the screen.
  • Users should type the ipconfig command on the command prompt window and hit the enter button.
  • On the successful execution of the ipconfig command user will get the router IP address on the command prompt with the field name default gateway.
  • Users should enter this router IP address (default gateway) in the URL field of the web browser to open the router admin control page.
  • It will open the Belkin admin control page. User can enter their router username and password to access router settings.
  • Go to the advanced settings section and click on parental control.
  • Click on the website filter link.
  • In the website filter window, there are 4 filter options with the radio buttons.
  • Users can select the right filtration option which best suits their requirements and click on the apply button to save settings.
    In this way, the user can set the parental control feature on the Belkin router. Users should restart the Belkin router unit after completing the above process. Now we will see the 4 filtration options in step 6.

Users can set up parental control in the 4 ways given below

block malicious, adult, and other non-family-friendly sites(High): This option will protect your system from malware, phishing, and scam sites.

It will block the sites which contain content regarding sexually explicit material, mature content, abortion, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, hate, suicide, or violence.

block websites belkin router

This option is mostly used for the under 18 kids by their parents. Parents can monitor their children’s web browsing by using this option. Block malicious and adult sites(Very High):

This option will protect the system from malware, phishing sites, and scam sites. This will also restrict the user’s access to the sites which contain sexually explicit materials.

Block malicious sites(Moderate): This option will restrict users from accessing malicious sites that contain malware, phishing content, and spam sites.

This option is mostly used in the business network. Know how to setup Belkin router

No filters

In this option, users can access all the sites without any filtering. The parental control feature is necessary for the personal or commercial business network.

Users can also set the particular time during which the user can access the internet connection and disable it when the user is not present.

We hope this article will help you to set up parental control on the Belkin router unit. In case of any problems associated with the Belkin router, feel free to get in touch with us.