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Need Help Installing Belkin Router? Don’t worry we got you covered. Today We Present an All in one Guide That Will Help You Setup Belkin Router in Most Easiest Steps Possible. Regardless of What Kind of Device Or Platform You are Using For Belkin Installation that Means You Can Install Belkin Router Using Mac, Android, Or iOS Smartphones Windows P.c.

in our previous post, we already explained How one can install a Belkin range extender using belkin.range and extend the existing wireless network. Now let’s learn How to set up a Belkin wifi router.

Belkin Router Setup

With the Increasing Need for Internet & Wire-free Devices, All Networking companies have Been manufacturing Easy to Configure devices. WiFi Router has become a Need of Every house Hold Or Small Business.

Just Follow the Necessary Steps and We Promise you Will Have a Working Belkin Router Installed at your Home Or Office in the Next 10 Minutes.

Installing Any Router Depends on Key Ingredients & Proper Recipe so Here the List, go Gather That –

  • A Modem & I.S.P (Internet Service Provider) You may have it Already
  • Internet Cable (R.J 45 Cable Mostly Known As Ethernet Cable )
  • A device With a Full Browser exp. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari ( Computer Or Smartphone)
  • Power Supply
  • Know the Internet Connection Type from I.S.P (Ask your Provider) it Could be Static Or DHCP Or PPP0E Connection
  • Default Username, Password & Network name

if you have an Old Belkin Router for setup then Please Reset Belkin Router to Default Settings Before you Proceed For Installation

Note: – Use the same method to Setup Belkin router Using Any Device Regardless of their Platform. For Example Mac

Belkin Router Installation Process

  1. Plug the Belkin Router to Power Source & Place it Near your Internet Modem.
  2. Connect the First Port of Your Belkin Router to the Internet Port of your Modem.
  3. For Wired Installation Please Connect Your Computer Or Smartphone With Belkin Router Using Another Internet cable Or Wireless Connection.
  4. For Wireless Installation find a Wireless Card Inside the Box that Came With the Belkin Router Or just Look at the bottom of your Belkin router to Find the Information about the default network name & Default Password.
check belkin router connection

Tips For Belkin router

if you are using a Laptop, ioS, Or Android device For Belkin Installation Please Turn on the WiFi on Your Device and Search For Available Networks. Find The Belkin Network and Connect With It By Using the Given Information on the bottom of your Belkin router. Learn More tips about Belkin Router setup for a More accurate idea 

Now from here Most of the Steps are the same Regardless of Wired Or Wireless Connection from the Router.

  • Open the Browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Or Any Other Full Browser On your Connected Device from Belkin (Computer Or Smartphone)
  • On the top of your Browser Type in the address bar and press Enter.
  • You, Will, be Presented with a Belkin Dashboard. if it is Asking for Credential to Login Belkin Console Please use the default username & password to access the Belkin dashboard.
  • Once Login Let your Belkin router detect your Modem & Check the Compatibility. Please Click On Detect My Connection

Note- if you have PPP0E Internet Connection from your internet service provider then you must Ask them username & Password in order to configure the Belkin router.

Detect belkin router
  • In the Next step Create Your Network Name as You Wish to See in your Network List. Make it Something That is easy to remember But Other Don’t target you for that. Setup Your Wireless Password Below that.
connect belkin router
  • Choose WPA/WPA2 As Security Type &Save the Settings to Move Further.
  • Please Register Your Router to Enjoy Support & Warranty in the future. Fill the Form & Complete the registration Or You Can Choose to Skip It.
register Belkin router
  • Now you have Configured Your Belkin router With an internet connection please Move further & Click on Take me to Dashboard
Belkin dashboard
  • Here you can Customize your Belkin router as Recommended For Better Performance. Go & Connect Your Device Using the Password You just Created.
  • Lock your Belkin Dashboard console by creating an Admin Console password.

Find more detailed info at belkin official support page

Save all Settings & You Should be Good. Your Belkin wireless router has been Fully Configured. Let us Know How did we do on Helped you with your comments.

We thank you for taking the time to Read Our Post. Good luck