How to Troubleshoot & Setup Belkin N600 Range Extender?

With Lastest Cutting Edge Wireless Technology It has become Absolute that the Majority of People are Buying Dual-band Range extenders, in this race, Belkin has launched various Series & Models to Fulfill the needs of their Users. Belkin n300, Belkin n600 Range & Belkin Ac Series Dual-band Extenders have Occupied a Good share in the Extender Market.

Note – this Post Could Also Help You With Almost Every Model Of Belkin Range Extender Such as F9K Belkin Extender Series Or Belkin AC Series of Extender.

Today We Will Talk About How you Could Troubleshoot Belkin n600 Extender Problems-  We Already Provided an Easy Guide to Install Almost All series & Models of Belkin extender but Many Readers has Requested A Specific Post on Belkin n600 Range extenders so Here We Come – So let’s Begin With Some Problem That You may have with Belkin N600 Extender-

Belkin N600 Extender is Not Working

typically If Your Belkin N300 Or Belkin n600 Quit Working then there is a standard Procedure to Overcome the Problem Please Follow –

  1. First Unplug the Belkin extender From Power & Turn off for a minute or 2.
  2. Make sure to Place the N600 Belkin extender within 30-40 metes from Main Router.
  3. Confirm the main Router & internet Services is Working on Base Devices.

Now Check all this & if still, You Can’t see Your Belkin n600 Extender Working then Its time to Perform a setup From Beginning-

Before we Proceed With setup Please Perform a Factory Reset on Your Belkin Extender –

Factory reset Belkin n600 extender

Reset Belkin N600 Range extender
  • Plug the Belkin extender to the Power Source & turn the power on
  • Find a Paper clip Or Toothpick Or Ball-pen & Look for Reset Hole Or Reset Ket at the back of Belkin N600
  • Carefully Press & Hold the Reset key for next 5-10 seconds & when you see all lights are flashing all together Let the Reset key Go.
  • Power cycle the Belkin n600 Along with Router & Modem to Begin the installation.

Now Carefully Follow the steps to Setup Belkin N600 Range extender with Existing Router-

Setup N600 Belkin extender

Before you install the n600 range extender you must understand that Belkin N600 has more power & signal Quality comparatively N300 & F9K Series of Extender But the installation Process is the Same.

Unbox the Belkin N600 Range extender & Prepare for installation. you will find an ethernet cable & power cable for the extender under the Box. You may also find a Wireless Configuration card & a manual for installation. let’s Begin the Work-

setup belkin N600 Range extender
  • Plug the Range extender to the power outlet, not More than 30 feet away from Main Router Or For the Installation Part you can just it Plugged it near to the Router & Turn the power Switch.
  • Now go to Your Smartphone or Laptop and refresh the available wifi List on your device
  • You may see a Network by the name of Belkin.setup, Please connect With it & it should take you directly to https://belkin.range for installation.
  • Once you are in the setup page please follow onscreen institutions, the first thing it will ask you to select your country, Language, & time Zone.
  • After that, it will search for available Wireless Networks Within Range, Please select Your Main Network & click Next
  • Type the password of the existing network that you would like to extender & save the settings.
  • You can also change the settings such as username & password as you wish on Next steps on the option of Edit.
  • You can Use Single Band or Dual Band if you have Belkin N600 dual-band Extender.
  • one can have 2.4 GHz Or 5.0 GHz Network for streaming & gaming Purposes.

once all the settings have been done save the settings & reboot the Extender. Place it on your most convenient place within your main route range for it to work.

if you still face any issue with the Belkin extender setup Please read things to Do When Belkin N600 installation fails  

contact us & let us know if you need more help Until then Take care


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