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In this post, we will explain All about Belkin wireless Router Security. Learn How to secure and set up a password on a Belkin router. A few Key Points of this guide Will Be helping you understand the Answers to the following Questions- 

  • How to Setup Or Change Belkin wireless Password?
  • Why & How to Lock Belkin Router Dashboard with a Password?
  • How to Keep neighbors & Other Unwanted People Off Your Network
  • Security Measure For Keeping the Belkin Wireless Network security up a Notch.
  • What Type of security Authentication Should you Use?

While Belkin router setup if you leave the Guest Network Open or you didn’t set up the password then it would make your network unsecure. Now anyone can access your wifi router without any password and steal your Internet data or they might log in to your Belkin router using the default details and change settings as they want. 

Leaving an unsecured Belkin router would cause you much harm and it’s easy to secure it with a password. to Begin you Must Know How to Login Belkin Router Admin Console For Any of the Steps to work

Note- You can use Any Device Or Platform to Perform these tasks As long as they are connected to Belkin Router & Have a Full Browser. We Recommend Using a Desktop Or Laptop Connected to Belkin. Depending on the Firmware Or Model Some Steps may Differ So Brace for Adjustments.

Let’s Start From the First Topic –


Setup a Password for Belkin Wireless-

  • Open Web Browser & Access Belkin Dashboard Using
Login Default Gateway
  • Look Under Wireless Section & Click On Security
Open Security under wifi
  • Under Security, Select Security Authentication Please select WPA/WPA2-Personal(PSK) Under Authentication select WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK
  • Use AES Or TKIP+AES As the security Technique
  • In the Next step Type, the Password Wish to Setup for your Belkin wireless
Enter password
  • Unchecked the Mark on Obscure if you like to see the password.
See your password
  • Apply the settings and Your Router May Require to Reboot
Save All Settings

Now Use Your New Password to Communicate with the Belkin router.

How to Lock Belkin Dashboard –

Most People Get Confused Between Belkin Admin (Dashboard) Password & Belkin Wireless Password. to Make it Simple Here is the Explanation –

Belkin Wireless Password – this password Help you connect with Router & Enable you to access the Internet. this Prevents Any unauthorized connection to Belkin Router and Keeps your Wireless secure From Outside.

Belkin Dashboard Password – this is a Password on Belkin Console. Because in Order to Connect With Belkin Console the device Needs to Be Connected With it So it Stops Anyone Inside your Network to Access Belkin settings. Belkin Highly Recommends keeping the Router admin Locked with an Admin password.

  • Just Login to your Belkin Router and Look at the Right Hand Top. An UnLocked Icon Should be there
  • You Will Be Asked Type a Password. Please Type a Complex password and Save it

Belkin Dashboard is Locked & You Are Good to Go. if anything goes wrong you are always welcome to reset Belkin router and restore it back to default settings.

Tips & Advice to Secure Belkin Router

  1. Always Create a Password That You Can Remember & Hard to Guess for Others.
  2. Make a Complex Password and Know that Password is Case Sensitives.
  3. Right Down Password Somewhere in Hard Copy in case, you Forget it After Some time. Mention Wireless Password & Admin Console Password separately So You Don’t Get Confused Between them
tag your password
  1. Don’t share Your Password with People you don’t trust.
  2. Turn Off Or Password Protect Guest Network on your Belkin Router.
  3. Make Sure Remote access to your Router is Turned Off So that Unless you are using it No One Else can have access & Control Over your Wireless Network.

Read More On What Belkin Says About Setting Up Security at https://www.belkin.com/us/support-article?articleNum=10805

we hope all these Tricks Will Do the Work for you. if the internet speed of the Belkin router is slow then you can learn How to Fix Slow Belkin Router Internet Speed 

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