How to Reset Belkin Wireless In Safe Ways ?

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When Our Machine Do not Work our Way We Tend to Reset Them So They Can Work According to Our Needs & Fulfill their Purpose.

In the Case of Belkin, Router Their Can be much Possible Reason Where You May Need to Reset Belkin Router to Default Settings. For Example – Belkin Router Not Working, Password Issue, Orange Or Amber Light, Speed Or Connectivity Issue Etc.

Note: Performing Reset to Belkin Router Will Restore all the settings to factory default. All passwords and Settings Will be Gone. Only reset your Router When There is No Other Way. Keep at least 20-30 minutes on your Hand While performing this task Because Reset & setup will take Some time.

You Can Restore Belkin Router in Two Different Ways But its best to give Belkin troubleshooting the last chanceĀ 

Soft Reset Using GUI Console –  Use the Belkin Dashboard to Soft Reset Belkin router.

Hard Reset using Reset Key –  Reset Belkin router Using the reset Key at the back of your Router.

Both these Methods Work to Restore the Belkin Router But We Recommend Doing the Soft Reset First Because that way you will have less chance of causing Hardware Failure to your Belkin Router. Let’s Get to the Work-

Soft Reset with Belkin Dashboard

  • Connect Any Of Your Computer Or Smartphone to Your Belkin Router using Ethernet Cable Or Wireless Connection.
belkin network connection
  • Open Your Browser & Login Belkin Router, Type at the Address Bar of Your Browser & Press Enter.
  • On the Next Step If the Console Requires Type username & Password. Try these combinations for Your Default Username & Password.
  • Username – admin, Password = admin, Username= admin, Password= Blank
belkin router login
  • Once You Logged in Belkin Dashboard Please Go Under Utilities which is inside Advanced Settings & Click On Restore Factory Defaults then hit Button Restore Defaults
reset belkin router

Case: For Older Version’s of Belkin Dashboard: – If your console looks like the image below then you found Restore Factory Defaults just Under the Utilities just proceed with it, as you look in

Restore factory defaults Belkin

Note: there is an Option in the Belkin dashboard to Take a backup of your Settings & Configuration. We Recommend Taking Backup Before Doing Reset.

Save settings belkin router
  • Click On Ok For Any Given Warnings & Reset Will take 40 Seconds to Complete. Let it Be reset.

Well Done, Now reboot your Router & Its Ready For a fresh installation.

Reboot belkin router

Hard Reset Belkin Router

Doing a Hard Reset on Belkin Router is Like Super easy Just Follow these steps-

  • Plug the Belkin Router to a Power Outlet Let Be Turned on for a Minute.
  • Find a Tiny Object such as Paper clip Or Pen and Carefully Look at the back Or Bottom for a Reset Key Or Hole.
  • Press & Hold the Reset Key Using Pen Or Paper clip Gently for About 20-30 Seconds & when you See all lights Blinking on Belkin router let the reset key Go.
Reset Belkin Router

Now Restart Your Belkin wireless router & Be ready to Setup Belkin router As a New Router.

I hope all this information helps you to Reset Belkin Router & Get you the Desired Results.

Thank You for your time. Good Luck

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