Today we will discuss Reasons why Your Belkin Extender May starts Blinking Orange Or Yellowish Light. How this may impact your extender performance & How to Fix Orange Or Amber Light on Belkin Range Extender.

Note – These Steps Would Work On Almost Every Model of Belkin Range Extenders for Example – Belkin Range N300 & N600 (Dual Or Single Band), all Models of f9k Series & Every Model of Ac Series Range Extenders.

Friends, Range extenders have become a necessity of almost every Household. Nowadays Nobody Likes to compromise with wireless Speed & Signal Accuracy Around every corner of your Home Or Office.

So When you have a Big House With a Thin Or Multistory Building Then Having Only One Router would not serve the Purpose & that’s when You Need a Belkin Range Extender. Belkin range extenders are well Known for their Speed, Connectivity & durability.

we have already Given Steps to Setup Belkin range Extender in our Previous Post However in this Post we will Educate you On the Troubleshooting Part. Please Perform the steps carefully & Get your Belkin Extender Working Again –


What Does Orange Light Mean on Extender

Yellow Or Orange Light could mean many things Let us list them out for you –

  • Belkin Range Setup is Incomplete & extender is Not Ready to use.
  • New Version of  Firmware Update if Available
  • Belkin extender has Lost the internet connection From Main Router
  • Wrong Placement of Extender Or technical Glitch

Fix Orange Light On Belkin range extender

Most people will Recommend a factory Reset but before you do that, please perform these Troubleshooting steps to Get the Extender Working again in full capacity-

1. Restart the Belkin range Extender Along With wireless router & check your Internet Connection using the main Wireless Router Just to make sure the Internet is Working Fine.

2. Now Connect With Range Extender & Login to Extender using Default Gateway. Open the Browser Type http://belkin.range Or Please use the default Login Information to access the extender dashboard.

one can Look at the Bottom of the Belkin extender to find all the Login Information such as username, password, and Default Ip (Gateway).


Belkin Extender Firmware Update

3. After Login Please Update the Belkin Range Firmware to the Latest version available.

update my firmware

4. Check all the settings & save all the settings.

5. Place the Belkin extender to power outlet Within 25-30 Feet From the Main Router.

Now Restart the Belkin extender & See if that Light Goes From Orange to Blue.

in case if this all did not work Please Reset Belkin range extender to default settings & reconfigure it.

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Reset Belkin Range Extender –

in order to Reset Belkin extender, you would need to be careful with steps & Not Overdo anything. please follow these Instructions-

1. plug the Belkin extender to power Outlet.

2. Look at the back of extender to Find a Reset key Or Reset Hole.

3. use a toothpick Or Paperclip to Press the Reset key & Hold it for like 10-15 seconds then Let the Reset key Go.

Reset Belkin range ext r

4. Restart the Range extender & Then Setup Belkin range extender again with the default settings.

if you still have Problems Please check the Router for Settings Adjustments Or Firmware Update. If you have a Belkin router then you May have a Self-heal Option inside the Router Console. Optimize the settings for Best Performance. Hope all of this information would help you fix the Orange Light Problem For your Belkin range extender.

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